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    Our Mission

    Hella Mental Health is devoted to nourishing the overall well being and mental health of BIPOC communities through empowerment and education.

    Dr. Hsu is a renowned public speaker, educator, and clinician who draws from her own lived experience as a bi-cultural, bi-lingual immigrant. She has more than 20 years of psychological and organizational expertise working in settings ranging from community based health centers, K-12 public schools, private practice, geriatric care, hospice, and university counseling.

    Systems Change requires Systems Thinking

    Historical and systemic challenges require well-informed and systemic resolutions. At Hella Mental Health we are not interested in one time, superficial level engagement. We are dedicated to empowering groups and communities to actualize the power of living fully aligned with their values.

    We are committed to the lifelong learning of cultural humility and work from an anti-racist, LGBTQ+ affirming perspective.

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    Inquiries and services are confidential - we understand privacy is fundamental when addressing complex organizational challenges


    Connecting with contemporary audiences and diverse communities


    Years of clinical and organizational experience informs our compassionate and growth oriented approaches


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