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    Asian American Mental Health

    Dr. Hsu is Past President of the Asian American Psychological Association, and frequently reminds organizations that no one is really an “expert” in all Asian American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, Desi American, Central Asian American and multiple heritage and adoptee Asian Americans.

    A thorough understanding of the diversity and complexity within AAPI communities is fundamental to serving these populations with respect and accuracy.

    Less than 6% of mental health professionals in the United States are of Asian American heritage. Ethnic matching is not essential for quality mental health services for Asian American, BIPOC clients – but it does require substantial training beyond the basic licensure requirements of mainstream graduate programs.

    Even well intentioned therapists, schools, and organizations have caused pain and harm via implicit bias, racist policies, or ill-informed attemps to be helpful to Asian American staff, students and clients.

    Your path to leveling up culturally responsive skills begins here.

    Feedback from recent trainings:

    “I appreciated the depth of knowledge, Dr. Hsu’s range of experience, and all the information she shared! This was the BEST presentation I have seen on this topic. So informative. Resources are incredible.”

    ” Excellent presentation and resources. Dr. Hsu not ony talked the talk, she walked the walk and modeled cultural humility and was culturally affirming.”