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    It’s difficult to find culturally responsive therapists. Can I book with Dr. Hsu for psychotherapy?

    Presently, Dr. Hsu’s clinical schedule is solely reserved for Stanford University students.

    Finding a culturally affirming and responsive therapist is very important to ensure you have healing and helpful clinical experience.

    Please see our mental health resources page for recommended directories and BIPOC psychological associations. Dr. Hsu also has tips for cultural “fit” questions to ask when screening a potential new therapist.

    Why do non-healthcare organizations invest in mental health consultation?


    There are well documented benefits to supporting the well-being of employees and teams. Protecting your team from burn out and increasing their skills and satisfaction prevents attrition and fosters healthy work culture. Reputable companies now strive to cultivate cultures grounded in justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

    For creative and educational endeavors, investing in professional mental health consultation ensures that the work is accurate and tailored appropriately for the target audience.