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    Living with Grief & Loss

    Grief and loss are one of the few universal human experiences. Yet we live in a culture that often fails to properly acknowledge or support people in the grief journey.

    During an average year, estimates are that 10 million Americans are impacted by grief & loss. Nearly 5% of American children lose a primary caregiver before the age of 15. These statistics, and the toll of grief nationwide have increased dramatically in the wake of COVID 19.

    The intensity of emotions which often surrounds death creates a vacuum which can leave grievers lonely and isolated in navigating life-changing loss.

    Educational, community, and corporate organizations often struggle with knowing how to cope in the aftermath of losses and foster a healthy and supportive culture for grief.

    Dr. Hsu is a core member of Stanford University’s interdisciplinary grief support team.


    Areas of service include:

    Grief Education

    Community Grief Support

    Grief throughout the Lifespan

    Healing Circles

    Post-Vention after crisis

    Organizational Consultation on grief response procedures